Hey there! I'm Keffo!

♥ 25 ♥ canada ♥ she/her or they/them ♥
♥ nonbinary lesbian ♥ 18+ NSFW furry/kink artist ♥
I draw that gooey good stuff you crave, and lots of it!
my fursona is a trans lesbian rabbit girl named Soleil
(pronounced so-lay! it's French!)
I think she is pretty cool.
I've been drawing my whole life! it's kind of all I do lol... I took 2 years of Animation at college before dropping out (because it was slowly killing me, not because i was flunking, don't worry) and pursuing furry art fulltime. if you're here looking at this, you've probably already contributed in some way to my ability to do that! so thanks for your support!I try to keep my NSFW content separate from my SFW Twitter/Twitch accounts where friends follow me, and I would appreciate it if you'd help me maintain that by not making horny comments/replies around me/my art in in those spaces. this is partially because I want to avoid making people uncomfortable, but also because I just need places I can exist online where i'm not just surrounded by porn 24/7. I like my job, but it IS still a job and I need a break from this stuff sometimes!idk what else to put here but i guess if you have questions just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take requests?
Not usually, unless there's some kind of meme event going on. If I'm looking for requests, I will specifically ask for them!
What do you use for art?
I do all my work in Clip Studio Paint, and I draw with a pretty basic 6x4" Wacom Intuos Draw tablet. I'm sure I'll get around to upgrading eventually, but this does the job well enough for now!
Can I use your art for RP?
Unless it's your character or you paid for it as a commission, please don't.
Can I draw fanart of your OCs?
Sure! All I ask is that if it involves NSFW/kink/romantic stuff with my OC and another character who isn't mine, please check with me first. This goes ESPECIALLY for my fursona, Soleil, as she represents me and I'm a little more particular about how she's depicted and who she's shown being intimate with.
When do you stream?
I don't have a dedicated stream schedule, I usually just try to stream when I need to focus and get work done (usually once or twice a week during commission batches). When I do stream, it's usually in the evening/late night, Eastern Standard TIme.
Do you wanna be friends?
I'm not opposed to making friends in this community (I've made lots already!) but I do have limited time to reply to people, especially now that i'm working fulltime. If we hit it off through natural interactions, sweet! But please don't try to force it, and don't take it personally if I can't carry on long personal conversations and small-talk with you.

Commission Info

Current status: QUEUE FULL! as of July 15

You can submit project requests (when I'm open) HERE!
My Trello board for ongoing project queues can be found HERE!
(clicking the image below will link you to a full price sheet that includes sample images, since the info may be hard to see here)

click to see my full-res commission sheet with image examples!

All prices are in USD, with payments handled via Commiss.io!Whenever I open commissions, all my currently open slots will be listed on my Commiss.io page, along with what type of projects I'm currently accepting (where applicable). I'll announce the time window on my social media pages and accept new commission requests until the end of that time period, at which point I'll pick from what I've received.While I try to give everyone opportunities to get art from me, I will prioritize giving slots to the ideas that I'm most interested in, or that I think I have the time/energy for. Requests that are overly complicated, time consuming, or vague may be less likely to get picked if there's lots of demand, so keep that in mind! That said, don't take it personally if your idea isn't picked. There's always next time!As a general rule, I send invoices in advance and don't start drawing until the payment has gone through, to avoid issues. If I've accepted your commission, please keep an eye on your email for the invoice so I'm not waiting around to start your drawing.I pride myself on a quick turnaround - for most projects, you'll have them back within a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of my queue. I also like to send WIPs as I go so I can make sure I catch any changes early, where they're easiest to make (but if you want me to "surprise you" instead, that's cool, just lemme know so I don't ruin it!)I will gladly draw:
♥ icons, emotes, pinups and sequences
♥ humans or anthros
♥ OC's (preferably with reference provided)
♥ multiple characters (see price sheet for rates per character)
♥ simple props and backgrounds
♥ my sona/OCs interacting with yours (the level of stuff I'm cool with them doing might depend on the OCs and how well I know you, though - you can ask beforehand if unsure! see the note at the bottom of this page as well)
♥ a variety of kinks! my specialties are slime/melting, transformation, expansion, hyper, inflation/cumflation, malleability/flattening, and non-permanent/graphic vore, but there are lots of other things I enjoy or at least would be comfortable drawing - when in doubt, it doesn't hurt to ask!
♥ positive/validating LGBTQ+ stuff! that's my jam!
♥ GIRLS!! ♥♥♥
I will NOT draw:
♥ loli/shota/underage (including fictional minors!)
♥ incest (again, even if it's fictional)
♥ age regression/babyfur/diapers
♥ gore
♥ explicitly fatal/permanent/unwilling vore
♥ BDSM (light bondage may be fine, just ask me)
♥ scat/farts/watersports/smegma/vomit/etc
♥ pregnancy
♥ really extreme fat/WG art (like blob/slob art)
♥ spiders/most bugs (nothing personal, I'm just a big weenie)
♥ NSFW art of M/M pairings (again nothing personal, y'all are cool, just not really my thing)
♥ NSFW art of ferals (though I probably won't accept SFW comms of them either, they're not really my area of expertise. taurs are fine tho!)
♥ really detailed muscles or complex mechanical stuff
♥ anything meant to mock or degrade a particular marginalized group, race, body type, etc
♥ as before, if you're not sure, just ask! as long as it's not something like, illegal or whatever, I'm typically not gonna judge you for just asking questions!
♥♥♥ Generally I don't draw my rabbit fursona, Soleil, in NSFW or flirty scenarios with other people's OCs anymore unless I know them pretty well (mostly just close friends). My other OCs are fair game to include in your commission requests, but Soleil is meant to represent myself, so I've been trying to be pickier about how she's portrayed. If you're not sure what's allowed, ask me! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ALSO since I keep getting a lot of project requests for big beefy dude characters lately, I feel obligated to mention that, while it's not a set-in-stone rule or anything, I have a strong preference for drawing more feminine/androgynous characters (as that's what I'm personally attracted to). As such, I'm less likely to take on projects involving NSFW art of masculine-leaning characters. Hope that's okay! There are plenty of artists who can fill that role more expertly than me, and ultimately drawing stuff I'm interested in will result in better art anyways! ♥♥♥If I've missed anything or made an error, please feel free to reach out and ask for clarification! Help me help you, etc! Thanks!